ML-Implode Mortgage Crisis Line

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Do you think you have been defrauded by a mortgage lender or other lending associate in a loan transaction? Were you placed into an ARM (adjusting) mortgage that you can no longer afford without the terms being made clear to you, or which you otherwise did not understand? If you believe you have been cheated, deceived, "railroaded", or otherwise manipulated in any way in the process of getting a home loan (primary, secondary, home equity, first-time or refinance), you can sign up here to seek legal help. If you otherwise have run into trouble with a mortgage you cannot afford, you can get professional help with a loan modification here.

If you would like to be contacted by a professional (including an attorney if appropriate)—even if you are not 100% sure you have a case—please visit the link below and sign up. It's free and only takes a minute!

By clicking below and entering in your contact information you understand that this information may be made available to interested parties for a fee, who may contact you to offer relevant services (you pay no fee to sign up). We do not guarantee the veracity of the services or any parties who may contact you. Always check your state Bar or other professional association to determine the legitimacy of any legal or other professional who offers services before making any payment. Finally, we cannot guarantee that you will be contacted: by entering your information at the link below, no promise of referral is made.

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For questions, comments or to report a bug contact ml-class at

Legal professionals interested in connecting with clients may inquire at the same above address.