Name of Lender: Foundation Financial Group

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City and State: Corporate Office in Atlanta, Georgia

Contact Name: Melissa Palmer

Contact Phone Number: 866-334-1001 ext. 5881 or call directly at 770-226-5881

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Disclaimer: This listing does not constitute an endorsement of this lender, rather, it is an opinion that WE would do business with them based on what we know. All information gathered is through an interview process; more extensive due-diligence is not possible due to resource limitations. Thus, borrowers and other potential business counterparties of this company should not base financial decisions on this listing, but are encouraged to use it as a starting point for follow up and talk to the lender themselves.

Overall Grade: A+

Management: A

Technology: A

Product Information: A

Credit Risk: A

Geography: A

Innovation: A


Foundation Financial Group is a growing and innovative residential mortgage lender. Foundation Financial Group remains securely embedded in the center of the mortgage industry. Foundation Financial Group's support network, comprised of the industry's top professionals, makes the customer its core focus. By maintaining unparalleled turn-around time, while providing a high level of customer service in loan closures, Foundation Financial Group has produced standout success despite a struggling mortgage market.

Foundation Financial Group focuses on both speed and quality, which in turn allows borrowers with the best experience to complete their loan transaction in less time and with less hassle than the industry average.

Foundation Financial Group specializes in Federal Housing Administration and government-sponsored programs. The company strives to serve customers with honesty, integrity and competence unmatched in this industry.



Foundation Financial Group's three founding partners have owned and operated this company for the past 12 years, growing it successfully in an industry marred by economic troubles. All levels of Foundation Financial Group management, including the managing partners, are highly involved in daily operations to further support employees and ensure that every opportunity to provide a borrower with a qualified loan product is considered.

Foundation Financial Group sales originated with three distinct layers of management, including regional division general managers, section managers, and unit sales managers to support the individual and personal growth and success of each mortgage professional, also providing a greater opportunity for top-level sales professionals to advance to various management positions within the company. The effective structure of the company's Operations Support Team is key to Foundation Financial Group Sales' success.


Information Technology:

Foundation Financial Group takes an aggressive approach to expanding and improving technology while most of its competitors are forced to cut corners. The time and financial resources dedicated to building Foundation Financial Group's technological infrastructure will continue to pay huge dividends as the company expands its operations. A key factor in Foundation Financial Group's success, the company's innovative technology creates the ability to generate, close and fund more units at a quicker pace with the smallest margin of error, aiming at the perfect combination of 100 percent compliant efficiency. The Foundation Financial Group Information Technology Department has created a proprietary pricing, underwriting engine utilized by both sales and operations to guarantee a simple streamlined loan origination process.

This state-of-the-art, yet user-friendly proprietary engine provides state-specific loan programs, pricing, key underwriting guidelines, alternative program recommendations and employee compensation calculations. It also takes into account all specific investor niches, additional investor requirements and all state high cost restrictions.

All documents in connection with a specific loan scenario that is searched are linked directly to the engines findings. This engine is updated in a near real-time manner to keep pace with all real-time changes in the market place. An in-house Information Technology department also provides 24-hour tech-support to ensure the company is always moving forward with speed and precision. Foundation Financial Group also provides real-time tracking and reporting for sales and operations to include all key areas of daily and monthly productivity. This tool allows for the continued training and development of company employees as it pinpoints areas of success and opportunities for improvement. Foundation Financial Group incorporates Calyx Point as its primary sales origination application, and utilizes services such as Doc Magic and SureDocs for generating loan document packages. All customer files are stored electronically to ensure records are kept with minimal cost, security and complete accuracy.

Product Information:

% of conforming loans: 10
% of government loans: 90
% of FHA loans: 90
% of alt a loans: 0
% of sub-prime loans: 0
% of jumbo loans: 0
% of stated loans: 0


Foundation Financial Group consistently provides investors with the cleanest and most compliant closed loan packages in the mortgage industry. Some of the largest and most stable banks and investors in the United States compete for the company's loans. Wells Fargo and Flagstar Bank purchase the majority of Foundation Financial Group's funded loan product. Foundation Financial Group provides quality loans that appeal to both the customer and investor. Foundation Financial Group has funded an excess of $3.4 billion in loan volume, all of which was purchased and serviced by an outside investor. Foundation Financial Group was founded on the highest level of industry standards, a quality maintained throughout this market's most trying challenges. Rather than being stuck with the costly buy-backs that forced most competitors out of business, Foundation Financial Group held onto top quality work, as well as elite correspondent status with our investors.


A trendsetter, Foundation Financial Group employs the hardest workers in the business in all key positions from sales management to operations support. Working diligently since its founding, Foundation Financial Group has managed to stay several steps ahead of the industry's hard and fast curve. To overcome obstacles that could reduce volume or cripple turn times, Foundation Financial Group has acted with a sense of urgency and timeliness to transition seamlessly and transparently with our sales force. By placing the burden of change under the Foundation Financial Group umbrella, and assigning added responsibility to the most skilled and dedicated employees in the business, Foundation Financial Group succeeds where others could not. The company motto, "Start Living," pertains not only to customers whose lives can change for the better through effective service, but also to Foundation Financial Group employees, who have the opportunity to succeed and earn a tremendous living by working hard and helping others.


FFG has Regional Centers in: Jacksonville, FL, Atlanta, GA, Savannah, GA, Raleigh, NC, Rochester, NY, Dallas, TX

FFG has Local Branches in: Indianapolis, IN, Kansas City, MO, Wichita, KS, West St. Paul, MN, Dayton, OH and Toledo, OH.

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New Jersey

New Hampshire

New Mexico

New York


North Carolina

North Dakota




Rhode Island

S. Carolina

S. Dakota






W. Virginia