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ALERT: We are once again being frivolously sued, this time for speaking out against a particular FHA seller-financed downpayment outfit. The legal costs of our defense are already heading past a level we can self-finance, eliminating most if not all of our net income. If this continues for much longer, ML-Implode may not be able to continue as a going concern. So once again we need the general public's support to continue our ability to speak out against unsound lending practices -- in this case, 100% lending, insured by the public, via means which both the IRS and FBI have called "scams". Please click the "donate" button below if you can help.

Why you should donate to the Mortgage Lender Implode-O-Meter:

  • Because it takes a team of researchers and writers to keep the 'meter going.
  • Because following up on even the most basic lead takes more time and effort than you might imagine.
  • Because producing fair and accurate coverage is extremely difficult.
  • Because we'd like to do even more thorough follow-ups and improve our coverage.
  • Because need to subscribe to (rather expensive) professional information outlets and databases to improve the information here.
  • So we can explore providing value-added other information services (for free or for a reasonable fee).
  • So we can continually improve the design and mechanics of this site.
  • To support grassroots media and freedom of speech.

(Click here to see what this page looked like while we were being sued by LCC.)