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Bayview Lending Group, LLC - Commercial Lending



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We reported on mass layoffs announced in a conference call held for Silver Hill Financial, one of the three subsidiary business channels of the commercial mortgage lending company Bayview Lending Group, LLC, a subsidiary of Bayview Financial Holdings, L.P. All regional offices and their sales reps were cut, with additional staff layoffs to follow today. Only two offices will remain open, their headquarters in Coral Gables, FL and another office in Pompano Beach, FL (Broward). Employees were told they would receive severance packets on Thursday, 2008-04-03. The other units, Interbay Funding, LLC and Bayview's Commercial Direct division, also saw cuts.

A tipster told us about the 2008-04-01 11 am (EST) call. Confirming much of the info we heard, Forum posters have added their own commentary:

"Silver has shut down all of their regional offices which includes Chicago, Boston, Denver, Las Vegas and Austin. From what I was told they are reducing their workforce by almost 67%.They take only small balance commercial loans, no resi at all. They are also scaling back on the Pompino and Broward total employment, however, they are going to try to weather the storm."

As for Interbay:

"Interbay- is the stated income/stated asset side of Bayview lending group. They still exist but like Silverhill in a drastically smaller capacity.

Today the Plantation Florida office was closed, as was the Denver Colorado office. The outside sales staff was eliminated, save 4 individuals. The outbound call center was also cut to just 5 employees. The offices in Burbank, Ft Washington, PA. and in Mannesfield MA all were effected with major layoffs as well.

The company is still in business although the lending matrix is a shell of what it used to be. Will be very difficult to fund loans with them ..."

We called the corporate office to inquire further, but they refused to comment on the layoffs and office closures. No specifics for the Retail arm (Commercial Direct) were available at the time of this posting.

There is a brief description of each unit on Bayview's web site:

InterBay Funding provides sub-million dollar wholesale lending in the U.S., the UK, and Canada through mortgage brokers, focusing on stated income/stated asset transactions.

Silver Hill Financial offers small-balance commercial loans up to $1.5 million through mortgage brokers, targeting borrowers who have more documentation available and providing a more flexible underwriting process than most banks.

Commercial Direct offers retail mortgage lending direct to the consumer over the web, via telephone and through a network of dedicated representatives throughout the country.

Read more on the forum thread here. Click on one of the following links to contact us if you can provide additional details about Interbay, SilverHill or Commercial Direct.

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Darkfusion at 22:54 2008-07-15 said:
The last remaining people in the MA branch were let go on tuesday the 8th and the branch has been shutdown. Leaving only the headquarters in PA as the operating office of Interbay.

Rumor has it they have been trying to do FHA loans. But not certain if those rumors are true and should not be taken as proof, until they are confirmed. Permalink

IBayFan at 14:33 2008-10-21 said:
The rumors were true. Interbay had been exploring FHA loans from both the retail and wholesale angles for much of 2008. They still may be doing some here and there. There may be some licensing issues to take care of. But the FHA market is completely flooded, and few people qualify outside of manual underwriting, which I don't believe they do there. So, success there will be tough, especially for a company that had specialized in commercial financing for so long. I will say this - I hope this company somehow survives the credit freeze and goes on to operate for a looooong time. Best company I have ever been priveleged to be associated with. They took care of their people in good conscience, and while the company would likely admit to being top heavy after the layoffs, they are making sincere - key word is sincere - efforts to survive and some day thrive, despite the grim outlook. I wish them the best of luck! Permalink
sylvia0059 at 12:46 2008-11-21 said:
I don't know how Interbay treats its employees, but it cheats its borrowers on a regular basis. They add charges to people's accounts that are illegal, they refuse to provide people with accurate statements, they violate federal collections laws, and they sell loans that they know are not securitized. Permalink
IBayFan at 13:53 2008-11-21 said:
How do you know all this? Just curious. Permalink
sylvia0059 at 12:53 2008-11-24 said:
Because they have been sued for doing that. The court cases are public record. If you go to any Sec. of State Site you can find out if a company has a lawsuit filed against them, in what county and the case numbers. Permalink
sylvia0059 at 13:19 2008-11-24 said: Permalink
IBayFan at 09:19 2008-11-27 said:
So, I checked out those "Bayview" complaints. The first two were loans Bayview bought, not originated. Of course the property owners were cheated or wronged in their own opinion, which of course can always be taken at face value. But let's be clear that INTERBAY, the company of which I speak, while certainly a subsidiary of Baybview, operates - or maybe operated at this point - independently of the Bayview loan servicing and acquisition outfits. Interbay ORIGINATED small commercial loans, they didn't buy them. I do not speak for Bayview as a whole, I am speaking soley to Interbay. And I will concede, admit, whatever, that after 8+ years of originating 3000-4000+ COMMERCIAL loans, some bad ones likely ones got in there - some IBay's oversight or agressiveness, some flagrant broker or borrower fraud, some just victims of the economy. So show me a lender with 20,000 loans on it's books with no lawsuits and I'll show you a perfect lender. And I'm just certain there are plenty of those.

Secondly, the other complaints on that "board" were against a supermarket in "Bayview" and other non-related companies and subjects, and there were none specifically mentioning Interbay.

As for going on any state's Sec. of State site and researching the suits, how about I just take your word for it? I'm sure they are there, as I mentioned. But let's not confuse Bayview Loan Servicing, and the loan acquisition division, with the small commercial arm, Interbay, which originated thousands and thousands of commercial loans in all 50 states. Some bad ones are surely in there. And so are thousands of sound ones. :)

Have a great holiday! Permalink

Fairness at 18:07 2010-01-29 said:
Obviously you are employed or connected to Interbay/Bayview by your user name. Bayview is the WORST lending institution I have ever dealt with, and I have dealt with many. They did a good job of sneaking in many extra unforeseen costs at my closing. They keep your payment until the day AFTER the due date, even if you mail it 4 weeks in advance. They love that late fee. When you request a pay off, expect at least 8000. extra fees per every 100k borrowed. They are the most unethical lending institution in America. Tell your friends. Contact Angies List, Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce and your local senator if they have wronged you. But most of all, tell your friends....and ANY realtor that you happen to know. We made fliers and distribute them to all commercial and residential real estate offices in our state monthly. Bayview received 43 MILLION dollars in bail out money.!!!! Permalink
IBayFan at 09:45 2010-01-30 said:
Was employed. And again, I speak of the InterBay - solely commercial - arm of the company only. I cannot attest to or argue against your points regarding the parent company - Bayview. But branding InterBay - which operated separately and autonomously - as unethical because of the actions of the parent company is unfair, and that's all I'm saying. Even your "InterBay/Bayview" reference is unfair - it's not one in the same. It's like saying Joe Shmo is a jerk just because his dad is a jerk, when they don't even have much of a relationship. In fact, we used to make it a clear point to our customers (brokers) that we operated independently of Bayview, likely for reasons similar to the ones you stated below. Anyway, sorry to hear about your travails with Bayview. Spread the word if you like, and sue on. Just couldn't let InterBay be taken down with them. And you're right, the bail outs have to stop. Permalink

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