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As many of you know, Implode-O-Meter is under legal attack (Check out our "fight back" campaign page) by firms who are adversely affected by the economic implosion or are being criticized for their role in contributing to it. We strictly publish content under the highest code of ethics. We publish the following disclaimer at the bottom of our main page. Read it for yourself and decide if we deserve legal attack by firms we cover:

Key Definitions and Legal Disclaimer

Legal disclosure: While we do strive to confirm all information presented here and qualify all doubtful items, the information on this site is neither definitive nor should it be construed as professional advice. It is a community site that depends on community feedback. Factual or alleged factual information presented here does not originate from ml-implode, and all commentary is purely the opinion of the author(s) of this site, unless otherwise quoted from other sources. You should consult a finance professional before making any decisions based on information found at this site.

Consider carefully that the nature of this site concerns the implosion of lenders, Wall Street, and our government's role in its regulatory and support function. There are many detractors who would love to see this site dissolve and go away. If we did that, where would you go to get ADVANCE, UNCENSORED information on how the economic crisis impacts your professional and personal life, and those of your friends, family, co-workers, colleagues, and all American citizens?

Today, our country is fighting for its very existence as a functioning democracy and a free market economy and society. Central to that fight is the right to seek the truth though public discourse.


Please help us to defend all of our right to put forth information that some interests would not like the public to see and to discuss freely and openly. The INTERNET is the last remaining and only hope for the free exchange of thought and information crucial to ALL OF OUR freedom, survival, and well-being! Make no mistake about it, if ML-Implode loses the right to free speech, so do you.

Please contact every ATTORNEY you know and send them a copy of this link "Legal Attack Against Us." We want to talk to EVERY attorney who will offer a little time and expertise to assist us in defending ourselves from harassing attacks by potential litigants who wish to operate in anonymity from the public and the press, often as they continue to do business in YOUR community or try to influence YOUR laws and regulations.

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