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Rumors have been swirling around since at least the beginning of this year that Dana capital was in trouble, largely because of missed payments to brokers, though apparently there is a smattering of lawsuits against the company as well.

More definite reports now put the company in liquidation status:

Dana Capital is Closed!

I personally went in to their office today to pick up a check for a file they´ve been holding funds on since mid Jan. The following text was posted on their door. I´ll be able to get the picture off my cell phone later and post a link:

"Dana Capital has chosen to wind down its activities through dissolution under State Law. Dana Capital will not be filing a bankruptcy -- but rather will orderly liquidate its assets. You should receive notice of such and a status report within the next couple of weeks via email."

Posted on the door of 8002 Irvine Center Drive, Ste. 1200, Irvine, CA the headquarters of Dana Capital Group at least as of 4/30/07.

See more discussion at the thread here.

The web site, which is still up as of this writing, describes some basics of the company:

Founded in 1995 by real estate industry veteran Dana Smith, Dana Capital Group provides a broad range of loan products to customers nationwide. The company's mission is to provide fast and efficient mortgage services to customers, while making the loan process as simple and convenient as possible. Dana Capital's extensive mortgage lending experience and knowledgeable staff have driven the company's tremendous growth, with volume just under $3 billion annually. Dana Capital is privately held and headquartered in Orange County, California.

The thread above also describes some potentially questionable dealings involving one "Sage Credit," which seems to have some connection to Dana.

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