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(Back-add: today is 2007-08-29) Many wrote in to note that California-headquartered Alt-A and subprime lender Lexington Lending had announced they had ceased taking new submissions per the following notice:

Effective Friday, August 13, 2007, for all new submissions.

Due to the vast and unstable changes in the current market place, Lexington Lending Wholesale will cease taking new submissions at this time.

As the Market begins to stabilize we are confident that we will be able to not only maintain consistency with our current product line, but add new break thru products as well.

As always we appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to work with you in the near future.

This change is in effort to maintain our ability to provide a wide and diverse product line, yet maximize the ability to choose the right product to fit every loan.

The Truth About Mortgage noted the following regarding Lexington Lending:

I've been told by sources that Lexington Lending laid off roughly 300 employees as a result of the news, though it is unknown how many employees have been retained.

That same source told me that the company does (or did) about $100 million in monthly funding, which is pretty substantial in the current lending environment


Based on ratesheets I found on their website, it looks like they did quite a few high-risk loans including "100% option-arm", "No Doc loans from 580 FICO", "0% Option Arms (3 Months NO Payment)", and "No Doc Loans to 3.5 MIL".

Scary part is those are the programs in their Alt-A section. I won't even get into the subprime loans.

Lexington Lending is headquartered in Orange County, California and also has an office in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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