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In an 8K filing with the SEC on 2008-04-08, Shearson Financial Network, Inc. (SHSNE) announced it's intention to reorganize and seek relief under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The firm had previously announced the appointment of Harry R. Kraatz as Chief Restructuring Officer, and discontinued all operations on 2008-03-27. They have delayed filing their 4th quarter results.

In addition to its own net branch operation, the Henderson, NV based company is also the parent of Shearson Home Loans (SHL), a retail lender headquartered in Irvine, CA and having an office in Plantation, FL according to CityTownInfo.

Licensing for the SHL office at SHSNE's headquarters in Henderson, NV was revoked by final order on 2007-10-15 as reported in a Disciplinary Action Report by the State of Nevada Dept. of Business and Industry's Mortgage Lending Division. An April 2007 archival copy of SHSNE's web site stated that "SHL currently employs over 500 people which are residential mortgage professionals and is licensed in over 40 states."

The corporate web site and the web site for retail subsidiary Shearson Home Loans are no longer working.

Shearson Home Loans is the subject of several IRS tax liens filed between 2007-01-04 and 2008-03-06 in Clark County, NV as well as a pending civil suit filed 2007-10-11 by Paychex Ach Inc., and other filings (look it up here; keyword search "SHEARSON").

If you can provide additional information regarding this company and its subsidiary, Shearson Home Loans, please contact us. A discussion thread on our forums has been started here.

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