The findings: Nearly three-quarters (74%) of American adults still view homeownership as a top hallmark of achieving the so-called American Dream, beating out the ability to retire (66%), a successful career (60%) and having children (40%). Only 35% of respondents named obtaining a college degree as a key sign of economic success.


"Non-homeowners cite insufficient income, high home prices, and not being able to afford a down payment or closing costs as the most common barriers to becoming a homeowner," Bankrate.com's chief financial analyst, Greg McBride, said in a statement. "High, and rising, home prices can contribute to the feelings of not having enough income or savings accumulated to buy a house."


In the Bankrate survey, many younger Americans said they were willing to take some form of action to access a more affordable home: Three-quarters of Gen Zers and 69% of millennials said they'd consider relocating to a different state, moving to a more affordable but less desirable area, or taking a discount on a fixer-upper to achieve their dream.

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