Pittsburgh-based ServiceLink, a leading provider of origination and default services and the national mortgage services platform of Fidelity National Financial has been selected as a national appraisal vendor for Flagstar Bank. ServiceLink is providing Flagstar's retail, wholesale and correspondent divisions with a comprehensive suite of valuation products including full appraisals, FHA appraisals and field reviews.


bigrock at 04:42 2008-08-26 said:
they will get what they pay for,,,,

Who is going to provide appraisal services for them for $150.00???

If you are buying their paper, I hope you are discounting it...

What a joke... Permalink

stevek68 at 06:26 2008-08-26 said:
Wasn't it having the appraisal folks under the corporate umbrella that got WAMU, CWD and a couple of other big names in deep trouble Permalink

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