"Charney said her crusade was born out of experience. Over and over again, she said, in her cases and those of other attorneys she met, she found sloppiness, fraud and outright criminality in the nation’s mortgage lending industry. Regardless of why her clients have been unable to pay their mortgages, she maintains that nobody deserves to lose a home to the unethical and illegal foreclosure procedures that she claims are now being used by many banks and loan servicers."


rifek at 21:39 2008-12-20 said:
...inflicting justifiable pain on sloppy operators, but she is not fixing the real problem. The bottom line is that her clients can not afford their homes. In fact they can't even afford her. Permalink
taps65 at 23:02 2008-12-20 said:
Cancerous sores never heal. Perps that eviscerated our economy by privatizing gains and socializing losses will feel the pain as Angels like her do as she is told. Permalink

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