"As stated before on a number of occasions economists understand many of the mistakes made during the Great Depression, so countries should not be making those same mistakes again. Wrong! One of the mistakes made in the 1930s were the various protectionist polices of countries, thereby hampering international trade, exacerbating the economic problems of the time. Well it looks like we may be doing it again. Text in bold is my emphasis. "


tvsterling at 19:20 2008-12-30 said:
America can no longer afford to be the market of first, last & in-between choice for all the world's exports. Our industrial base is already history, Witness the implosion of our last heavy industries, the Auto Manufacturers. Actually, next to last, we still have the Aircraft Industry but just barely. Steel went decades ago. Who will we contract out our main battle tanks to, the Chinese? We have been victimized in the name of Free Trade far too long. Fair Trade not Free Trade. Also most of the Depression Era financial reform legislation needs to be reenacted. America forgot the lessons of the Depression & reopened Pandora's Box. Permalink

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