A judge has allowed Bernard Madoff to remain free on bail, rejecting a bid by prosecutors to send the disgraced investor to jail. The anxiously awaited decision Monday puts further restrictions on Madoff, including forcing him to come up with a list of items at his apartment and allowing a security firm to check on it.


michaelblomquist at 12:44 2009-01-12 said:
It is truly amazing what white collar criminals get away with. I for one would much rather be beaten to a pulp and recover over 6 months than try and recover from the loss of your life savings.

I don't buy the lack of flight risk.

1) Law enforcement is hoping he will lead them to the buried treasure.

2) Undoubtedly, Bernie has many connections to very "powerful" people who don't want him talking. Perhaps they will take him out before trial and blame it on a disgruntle NY electrician who lost his pension.

3) Law enforcement is afraid someone in jail would take him out.

Leaving him out on bail purely because he is not perceived as a flight risk is a weak argument. Permalink

tvsterling at 18:48 2009-01-12 said:
As the article notes, there is an ugly mood brewing. This Madoff character needs to be in protective custody for his own safety. Permalink

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