"It was not apparently written as a confession, but as a resume. The author, Chris Warren, says he wants a job investigating mortgage fraud, and wanted to demonstrate that he has the background for the job. [You can read the confession/resume here.] If he did what he said he did, he’s got to know more about mortgage fraud than just about anybody."


mortgagemess at 11:58 2009-02-04 said:
LMAO...gee..and brokers want to know why they are being exiled into non existence...for every one like this there are still many out there trying to find ways to beat the system(read articles that state mortgage fraud is UP!)....

Hmm..so is he going to give back his McMansion, is he going to sell the luxury vehicles and give the money to charity, give up the country club membership....I think the truth will come out that this guys was a crook but chances are his website was hacked....

You don't rip off people for 7 years, making millions of dollars and all of sudden repent...please...this is America... Permalink

Mtgbiz89 at 11:59 2009-02-04 said:
Oh my goodness!

Based his business principals on the Boiler Room but went out with Jerry McGuire. Permalink

candleinthewind at 12:46 2009-02-04 said:
Bernie Madoff got away with this type of fraud for over twenty years. I had heard about Ameri Quest cutting and pasting W2s and credit reports but this confirms it. Actions like this will ultimately hurt the American public and scare them from applying for any kind of mortgage. I am still amazed that Beneficial and Household are still up an running. This crap is rampant among these lenders as well. Don't believe me? Ask anyone who has a loan with them. Permalink
crash6942 at 13:23 2009-02-04 said:
I have two points. 1. Acceptable level of fraud in every file. I think this was accepted in stated income loans and what some lenders did to make it acceptable was use salary.com and other web sites. I am not saying it was ok but with risk based pricing and a failure rate of less than 2% they were ok with it. It was plan and simple greed. Obviously no one planned for him.

2. I hope this guy is prosicuted and has to share a cell with a very large man who finds him very attractive. Pay back is a bit*h. Permalink

Mr. Realist at 21:06 2009-02-04 said:
Holy Fuck! I tutor mentally challenged grammar school children who have better grammar. This must be a joke. There is no way someone would have the audacity to hand this over to potential employers. Permalink
Dinochick at 22:19 2009-02-04 said:
If I were the parents of this individual, I would be embarassed. This is basic right and wrong analysis and ethics. Stealing, wrong, lying, wrong, Fraud, wrong, drugs, wrong.

I hope he pays for what he did.. can he be of some help? Forget it, the FBI can do their job, they know all "his" tricks. He is only trying to put a top hat on a pile of dung... He is sure full of himself. Permalink

angryvoodoo at 04:06 2009-02-05 said:
cant be mad at this fellow

he is stepping up

there are hundreds and perhaps thousands just like him but this is the only testimonial out, 3 years after the public crashing of our industry.

i applaud his bravery, if this is indeed authentic.

by punishing this fellow you punish justice itself and will make any criminal think twice about wanting to turn a new leaf. talk about enabling.

plus, if you have ever lived inner-city you know what its like to have squat and aspire, and how so many eager faces attend those financial recruitment seminars.

its a promotion: from stolen sneakers or drugs or otherwise 'illegal' activity with high exposure and a terrible risk: reward schedule... taking this job is a no-brainer. -cant hate these people for actually excelling at the opportunity.

the fact the opp exists is the problem; here is a fellow using his knowledge to correct that existence.

kudos sir, and Godspeed.

edit: it occurred to me your arguments would be 'yea well i was in it XXX years and never did that bla bla bla

again, don't miss the point: the fraud is/was enabled at such high levels that only a giant enema is the cure.

your honor and code is your own and even if every single LO or whatever you were lived by it the root of the problem is levels above you, levels above your boss, owners, the industry itself. it just got out of hand.

so take no offense that your neighbor gets ahead by cheating it is not a personal slight, rather a symptom of larger problems. Permalink

underwritingdiva at 02:42 2009-02-18 said:
I may be a bit late in commenting on this, but if any of this is true the man is not headed for a position in fraud investigations, most likely he will he has just provided an admission of misrep and fraud on an untold number of loans that will be investigated as they go into default.......stupid is as stupid does Permalink

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