" As our government hands over billions to Wall Street bankers, jobless Americans live in tent cities and collect food stamps in record numbers. Now when we need it the most, growing our own food may be against the law and punishable by a fine of up to $1,000,000. Think I’m joking? Meet Bill HR 875, The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009, introduced by Rosa DeLauro whose husband Stanley Greenburg works for Monsanto."


HadEnough at 22:32 2009-03-12 said:
Well, let's see. Some pharmaceuticals have side effects that will cause cancer. Some drugs are forced upon populations -- preteens and teenagers (re: mandatory vaccinations of Gardasil in some locations) -- backed by law, and without proper long term testing for adverse effects. Some organic chemicals and more than a few industrial chemicals cause cancer. The UDSA will prosecute anyone caught testing their own livestock for Mad Cow disease. So we can't test our own herds, meanwhile Japan tests every single cow. The USDA tests only the smallest fraction of the herds here in the USA. Do you honestly think the Mad Cow problem went away? Ever hear of Early Onset Alzheimer's? Now we are being forced under threat of law to give up growing our own food, in favor of worldwide distribution and control of a food supply that is genetically altered and NOT TESTED for long term health effects. Either the inmates are running the asylum, or this is a very cleverly, orderly, long term process of population control, and / or keeping the population so sick it has to rely on the health care / big pharma industry to survive. We were better off with the military-industrial complex during the cold war.

How did Edward R. Murrow close his broadcasts? "Good night, and good luck".

We will need every bit of it we can get. Permalink

Silvie at 23:26 2009-03-12 said:
Grrr, bring it on suckers! Now you've pissed off a bunch of rogue gardeners. Permalink
LoanGoddess at 00:34 2009-03-13 said:
Amazing story but when i sent the link to others they informed me that the link no longer is working. I tried and sure enough it brings up an error message. Can someone give me a good link? Looks like the link belongs in the graveyard! Permalink
nightblogger at 01:54 2009-03-14 said:
The link is good. Someone hacked the site yesterday and they just got it up this morning. Gee, I wonder who would hack a food site and why. Permalink

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