"Implode Explode Heavy Industries (IEHE), the folks who have brought the world the popular Mortgage Lender Implode-O-Meter, has been ordered to give up the names of their sources who supplied information about The Mortgage Specialists Inc. in a frightening example of how First Amendment rights can be easily trampled. "


tvsterling at 18:30 2009-04-03 said:
The battle is truly joined. Crooked judges were an important part of the history of the first Gilded Age as facilitators. These limolizards will stop at nothing to cement their power grab.This Ultra Right Wing Judge obviously doesn't believe in the 1st Amendment & therefore doesn't believe in either the law or our formerly great country. I say this judge needs to return to private law practice; the sooner the better. If the Watergate Journalists had been silenced we would be living under a soft dictatorship now. Permalink

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