ML-Implode will be present on Mike Morgan's Wednesday, April 15th conference call (details below), which is being arranged to kick off organization efforts in response to the Goldman Sachs attack on www.GoldmanSachs666.com . Goldman Sachs sent Morgan a cease and desist letter. Morgan responded by filing a Complaint in the United States District Court against Goldman Sachs. Aaron Krowne and other representatives and volunteers from ML-Implode will be in attendance on the conference call. We encourage everyone to attend the conference call or listen to the recording that will be posted online.

ML-Implode is on its third frivolous free speech lawsuit (two of which are pending) and has already begun organizing its own response efforts. We intend to join with Mr. Morgan's efforts in order to form a coherent front to fight back on current suits, and permanently eliminate this threat to the viability of the internet as a meaningful free speech medium. A truly free society rests upon free speech, and the Internet is the last bastion of that. We at ML-Implode believe that powerful financial interests cannot be allowed to take that away.

See Harvard's commentary about ML-Implode's current New Hampshire lawsuit here, and from Columbia here. Also read about ML-Implode's current suit in Maryland, and 2007 suit in California (concluded). ML-Implode's volunteer sign-up page is here.


VOLUNTEER WEBINAR AND CONFERENCE CALL: If you are interested, our first volunteer webinar and conference call is this Wednesday at 6PM Eastern. It will also be posted on the website as a replay. If you would like to join us Wednesday, you will need to register in advance for an access code. Here is the link - https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/820218850 This will be a webinar that you may ask questions via phone, computer or online chat. It will be recorded and posted as a replay.

VOLUNTEER SIGN UP – We will do that after the call, so I apologize to anyone sending me emails now with offers to volunteer. If you are interested in recruiting a volunteer or two, I encourage you to call me at 772-260-5448.


rocketrob at 17:53 2009-04-14 said:
As I have read the "we are being black-balled" thread continuously, the point that fails to come out throughout it, is that WE have the POWER to choose our THOUGHTS and PERCEPTIONS. If you believe you are being black-balled, the universe will send you what you believe back in the form of an action. You will be black-balled.


Many say you will volunteer and then do NOTHING!

VOLUNTEER and DO SOMETHING! You will feel better, you will have more control over your fate, and you MIGHT even accomplish something!

Join in and CREATE REAL CHANGE! Make a difference even if it is only for a few hours per week! Permalink

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