Interesting video. Shows some of the practical aspects of what we might see in extreme inflation.

The irony is, right now, while stores are still accepting fiat paper dollars, people should be more inclined to spend the "risky" dollars, and hold on to gold and silver. You don't want to swap out the hard money until you absolutely have to -- basically when there are no vendors convenient to you that will still accept paper money.

Also note that, when he says in the video "instead of using real money, I am using silver" -- he actually has it backwards. At best, paper dollars are currency and the gold and silver are typically money but not typically currency (yet) -- but we can forgive this colloquialism.


tvsterling at 06:10 2009-06-14 said:
Too bad U Tube took him down. It appears he had other posts that ticked them off. I'm paranoid enough but just this hard currency thing shouldn't have got him busted. If the government is that paranoid about defending fiat currency we are all in trouble. Another dodge for everyday purchases is snips of gold jewelery chain. Problem with a gold maple leaf is that it's too big. Only good for big ticket items. The first amendment is way fragile unless you are making porn. Easy to tie you up in court. Permalink

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