``California Senate Bill 94, originally intended to protect distressed homeowners by preventing non-attorneys from charging upfront fees for helping homeowners obtain loan modifications, has been expanded to prevent attorneys from accepting a retainer in advance when representing a client seeking a loan modification. According to an informed source inside the California Assembly’s Committee on Banking and Finance, the expansion of the bill to include attorneys was demanded by Governor Schwarzenegger’s administration.''


Tobby at 15:03 2009-07-05 said:
If you read the summary of this bill carefully you will see that it refers to attorney run sweatshops, and not direct representation by an attorney per the rules and standards of the CA BAR. Prohibiting representation is a viloation of the constitution. Permalink
kuuner at 09:59 2009-07-07 said:
Journalistic sensationalism...Mandelman is just like the rest of them with his tabloid style headings.

Not that I have ANY sympathy for attorneys. They are a dime a dozen and scammers by their very nature and profession.

"Officers of the court"? Gimme a break. They are officers of our wallets. Permalink

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