Regular people won't -- or can't -- get back into the market.

Beyond the two big equity bear markets of the past decade, it’s no surprise that Main Street has soured on equities thanks to the Madoff scandal and the bail-out of Wall Street banks, followed by high bonuses paid out to bankers last year, all crowned by May’s “flash crash”. While retail investors ran from equities and piled record amounts of their cash into money market funds in 2008, what really hurts the Street is their failure to forget and come back.

The common punchline on Wall Street is that once the markets have rallied for a while, you wait for the “dumb money” to rush in for a slice of the action. Then the “smart money” sells out and sit backs as retail investors get hosed when the market falters.

Except this year, the dumb money has resolutely stayed away and kept buying bonds and foreign equities, leaving the professionals twisting in the wind.

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