"We make the call for a new decline in prices despite positive signals of higher prices including a gain of seven percent nationwide by Case-Shiller 10-City index from its post-crash bottom in April 2009."


catherine at 15:17 2010-09-11 said:
I said right here in 07 that it would be a 50% drop, I was wrong, I had no idea how bad the government intervention would be, 65% drop in prices coming to most areas...............

and after the FIRST DEPRESSION property values didn't come back until the early 50s with the baby boom.........and so every mortgage written TODAY is a foreclosure if these values continue falling and big fat companies like WF who is the biggest writer of mortgages right now will just disappear faster...............

and to those that think the little guy with the paid off house won't be in trouble or hurt only those suckers that bought homes in the last 6 years and of course only the (idi..ots that didn't read their mortgages :roll: not my opinion)...............

you forget, if there are 10 houses empty and full of criminals on the block with that LUCKY person with the paid for house, ahem, just how long will he be able to keep his family there????

and how does he leave his only asset and pay for other housing...........this just can't keep being ignored, it isn't just the poor foreclosed guy's problem IT IS THE WORLD'S PROBLEM Permalink

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