"In the blog post titled, “Mortgage Brokering Taught in Prison,” Pavlo noted that the class, taught by an inmate accused of, you guessed it, mortgage fraud, was by far the most popular."


mortgagemess at 16:13 2010-09-17 said:
And...why are we surprised by this??? Permalink
KBB at 21:08 2010-09-17 said:
Individuals with a lack of ethics and greed along with those employed or involved in the industry who buckled under 'pressure' to originate, process, approve, close and service the loans and those who looked away from the reality of events in the industry is what contributed to the downfall. That basically covers the public and private sectors. But the prisons? Where in the rehabilitation process did Mortgage Fraud, Inmate Version 101 fall into? And those who have recently been sentenced - are they going to offer an MBA program? Where was the Warden, guards, etc.? Gives a whole new meaning to 'the inmates running the asylum.' Permalink

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