``We're not printing money. We're imagineering money.''


catherine at 20:53 2010-12-08 said:
he lied the whole interview, he is gone in 12 months............he will follow the other crud economic advisors out the door, crazy Summers, weird Orzag and the fat lady, ALL WERE WRONG! It just doesn't look the same in real life as it did in that leeeetle classroom, did it boys?

This is why most professionals WANT PEOPLE WITH REAL EXPERIENCE, sadly this is beginner time. The only one with experience was Summers and history shows he destroyed us once before. This time we have gone way past the MISERY INDEX into the DEPRESSION INDEX.

5 trillion dollars has been spent since certain people took control of our finances in Congress in 2006 and still 2 million people a month are losing their jobs, 3 YEARS RUNNING!

..........5 TRILLION DOLLARS (you have to go back decades and decades to add up to that number)........I don't see one economic pro in sight and the Depression train is in the station and it won't wait. Permalink

catherine at 14:50 2010-12-09 said:


bennie, he is coming for YOU! Permalink

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