``The Labor Department said Tuesday that employers advertised nearly 3.1 million jobs in December, a drop of almost 140,000 from November and the second straight monthly decline. That's the lowest total since September.'' -- Doesn't sound recovery-like...


StephenF at 20:31 2011-02-10 said:
USAA is hiring...I read it on Mortgage Implode :) Permalink
catherine at 09:36 2011-02-11 said:
too bad those 99ers are just lazy and need to move on to those tent cities :shock: :shock: :shock:

......385,000 (while we all know now they are lying) is the GOOD NEWS......

shame on this nation for sending more money to dictators that waste it (haiti and egypt) then they do their own unemployed citizens..........

they ignore OR BASH anyone unemployed more than 24 months when 385,000 JOB DUMP a week IS THE GOOD NEWS, shame shame shame

people will trash money sent to them (even though it was taxes collected from them for decades) while they are fine with the foreign aid being wasted Permalink

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