"Any potential settlement U.S. regulators reach with large mortgage lenders and servicers to modify loans and pay $20 billion or so to help borrowers underwater on their mortgage will do little to help the already fragile market recover, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts."


catherine at 04:26 2011-02-26 said:
they HAVE TO STOP WRITING MORTGAGES, THERE HAS TO BE A MORATORIUM, WE are just financing future forclosures and Wells is proudly up front.......20% drop in value and these people buying today ARE IN THE SAME SPOT most foreclosed people are in.........but securitization is like CRACK TO THEM..........to mortgage on........ Permalink
syntheticheroin at 05:25 2011-02-26 said:
the sooner the better .. there's around 7000 banks that can't wait for them to stop mortgage lending. Permalink

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