``The amount of student loan debt is really staggering and as you can see from the Sallie Mae chart above, student loan debt has gone up on a near vertical path. Unlike a mortgage, there is no walking away from student loan debt. With students coming out with $40,000, $80,000, and $100,000 in debt many already have a mortgage before buying a home.''


mortgagemess at 17:08 2011-04-11 said:
The fault of these kids coming out of college in debt is that of their "bragging rights" parents who are ready to push the kids off to college faster than you can say go!..A degree that is not earned from a Ivy League school is simply a piece of paper you receive and then your actions decide your future. My children came out of college with NO DEBT!.. They stayed in state, lived at home for the first year then the dorms. After college found great jobs out of state, got their first apt and so on..We, unlike the Joneses wannabees, warned our children that 4 years of debt and being away from home wasn't worth 20 years of payments. They also learned from friends whose older siblings returned home after being away 4 years, burdened with debt, unable to accept a job out of town due to the loans, and ended up working at Chilis... Permalink

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