"As this scandal is brought to light, that the unallocated gold and silver are not there, and much of the allocated gold and silver is not at these banks either, and as you see these naked short positions unwound, the world will witness a massive price rise in in both gold and silver.  The move in gold and silver, at that point, will literally frighten most people.  They simply won't understand what is happening.


The underlying problem here is that when the run on physical gold and silver begins, how will the banks print the gold and silver? It's not possible. So something is brewing here. There's no smoke without a fire. The reason this information is beginning to be discussed more openly is because of legal reasons. They need to be able to say, `We disclosed to people that the gold and silver wasn't there.'

... this will include a scandal at the LBMA in those unallocated accounts. The paper leverage in the LBMA system is off the charts. Investors believe their gold and silver is sitting in those unallocated accounts, and they will be in shock when they find out it isn't there.


I would also add that demand for gold from China is unceasing. The Chinese not only want to diversify out of dollars, but now they also want to diversify out of the euro as well. They are trying to do this in size. They want out of those currencies, and what they are doing is exchanging them at the fixes in London for gold, and this will surprise some people, but we are beginning to see it in silver as well.


The buying is relentless. It's every single fix, every single day. The Chinese are eventually planning to have gold back their new currency, which is going to replace the dollar as the reserve currency."

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