A very unusual phenomenon is at work. The three banker camps from the United States, London, and Western Europe are naturally going to protect their own pillboxes. A well connected banker source from Central Europe has shared that Deutsche Bank has already begun to cooperate with the International Court of Hague, working with Interpol officers, bank examiners, experienced attorneys, and judges to assist the prosecution of London and New York bankers. But Deutsche Bank cannot stop the assault by USGovt officials and their army of legal prosecutors, who will tear D-Bank apart. The London bankers have been exposed, laid bare, for the entire world to attack them. The resignations will continue like a parade, soon to involve the privileged groups among the Anglo elite. Expect far more lawsuit effects than prosecutions, since the USGovt legal staff is loaded to the gills with Wall Street friendlies.


Major changes are coming. A return to a certain type of Gold Standard is right around the corner, awaiting the Western collapse that is in a late stage of pathogenesis. The jumping brush fires that the London, New York, and Western European bankers must contend with will eventually envelop them, doling out massive smoke inhalation. Worst of all, the jumps will expose new areas of corruption every few weeks, sufficient to bring down the system. After all, it is a fiat faith based system. The faith has long ago vanished. All that remains is power politics, arrogance, and corruption. The new system will force the Gold price above $5000 per ounce on a conservative basis. It is all part of the plan not yet revealed. The Gold/Silver Ratio will revert to 20:1 in time. That translates for the math impaired to a $250 per ounce Silver price. These are conservative figures.

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