``The DNC is just the latest in a slew of organizations and cities to pull its money from BofA, and the move could put pressure on the Obama campaign to do the same. The city of Brockton, Mass., divested its $170 million account from BofA earlier this month, and a Bay Area priest pulled his church's money from BofA last year, in order to protest the bank's foreclosure policies, according to the Bay Citizen.

Even though others are doing it, it's unlikely Obama's campaign will take a public stand against a major Wall Street bank while the president is looking to haul in election cash. BofA is one of many big companies where employees are ditching Obama, and pulling his campaign money from their employer likely wouldn't increase BofA employee donations. In 2008, 44 percent of BofA workers' campaign contributions went to Republicans. In 2012, that share shot up to 72 percent, according to Bloomberg.''

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