``A report authored by Julia Isaacs of the Brookings Institute titled, "The Ongoing Impact of Foreclosures on Children," has pointed out, among other things, that foreclosures in this country now directly affect one in ten children. According to the author of the report... "Children are the often invisible victims of the foreclosure crisis." Oh, like hell they are. There is absolutely nothing "invisible" about the children that have become victims of the foreclosure crisis. I've seen them in my minds eye every day since 2008, and anyone who hasn't either simply isn't thinking or is unconscionably heartless as to be sociopathic. Invisible victims my fat ass... those in power in this country that have stood idly by and allowed this crisis to metastasize throughout our society for the last five years don't now get to claim they didn't see the children that were in the way of their political expediency, overwhelming incompetence and stunning insensitivity. Now, in fairness, when the report uses the word "invisible," to describe the children, it seems to be referring to mortgage records not including specifically how many children reside in owner occupied homes, and it also bemoans the fact that "it's even harder to estimate the number of children in rental properties." So, let me be perhaps the first to say that I could give a rat's oreille droite, as they might say in France, about the calculations used to nail down such numbers. Ask an actuary at any insurance company and whatever he or she says is good by me.''

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