Disgraced drug company founder Martin Shkreli isn't rushing to have his next showdown with the government. The 33-year-old former executive asked a judge to wait before setting a trial date for his securities fraud case because he could soon face more charges.


Shkreli additionally may face charges related to the distribution of stock in Retrophin and a 2013 private placement deal which helped provide financing for the company, Assistant U.S. Attorney Winston Paes said Tuesday at a hearing in Brooklyn federal court. A more expansive indictment might be filed next month, Paes said.


Shkreli, founder and former CEO of Retrophin, is accused of illegally using as much as $11 million in the drug company's assets to pay off investors who lost money in his hedge funds. He also lied to investors about the amount of money he was managing, his past failings as a fund manager, and whether one of the funds employed an auditor, prosecutors said. A former corporate lawyer, Evan Greebel, is accused of helping Shkreli carry out part of the scheme and cover his tracks.

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