Establishment economists ranging from austere neoliberals to spendthrift Keynesians are united in branding Donald Trump's proposed economic policies as "disastrous."


Trump's tax policies may well benefit very high-income households, but as Betsy McCaughey notes in the New York Post this week, they also reduce the federal income-tax rate for couples earning $50,000 or less to zero, and that tax-free threshold goes up if you add new child care tax deductions... the proposal to cut corporate income taxes to 15% from the current 35% is the "heart" of Trump's economic plan, and will do the most to repatriate production and encourage the business investment that will spur growth.


And conservative analyst James Pethokoukis, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, labeled Trump's economic plan "a complete and utter joke" as he took the Republican nominee to task for potentially adding $2.6 trillion to $3.9 trillion to the national debt over the next 10 years -- even though the $9 trillion in debt added during the seven and a half years of the Obama administration has caused no detectable harm.

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