To listen to politicians advocating the solutions proposed by Donald Trump while campaigning for the presidency, you'd think that the task of determining whether someone is here legally or illegally is a simple and straightforward one... a task that local cops anywhere could easily handle.


We also have to understand that in the 2012 case, Arizona v. United States, the Supreme Court ruled that only the federal government has the authority to provide border security and enforce the country's immigration laws. The high court ruled that local law enforcement are NOT ALLOWED to start investigating and arresting people solely because they suspect that they may be here illegally.


Many things can't be understood by listening to soundbites on T.V. news. Immigration is one of those things, but trade agreements and tax cuts are no different. Saying you're going to repeal the Affordable Care Act is a lot easier than actually coming up with a plan to replace it.


But, while Mr. Trump has been the king of his company and then his campaign, he has now, by winning the election, been demoted to lowly president, and like all presidents in my lifetime he's destined to discover that most things are much more complex and difficult to change than it appeared from the sidelines.

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