Acting United States Attorney Daniel L. Lemisch in Detroit announced the indictment against Kyle Cameron of Fort Lauderdale. The government has charged Kyle Cameron with 17 counts of bank fraud and aggravated ID theft. Kyle Cameron executed the bank fraud scheme in Michigan in 2015. He also ran the scheme in 3 other states including New York. Cameron allegedly traveling to Michigan to break into homes and cars. They would also steal women's purses. Cameron's intent was to obtain identification documents and financial transaction information such as checks. As result of the burglary, he or his crew would pose as the victim of the theft at the bank to obtain cash from the bank. He would also use the drive-thru lane farthest from the teller window to present these records at banks. Cameron and his gang used this lane to make it harder for the teller to detect the fraud.  The USAO in Detroit has charged more than ten people doing the same fraudulent activity in 2015 and 2016. Cameron's co-defendant Dennis Jones provided the government with information about the scheme at his December 2017 detention hearing. As result, the banking industry has referred to the Cameron and his co-defendants as the "Felony Lane Gang."

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