Financially strapped, Jose Aguilar said it felt as though he'd let his family down in 2015 when Wells Fargo foreclosed on his mortgage, but his disappointment redoubled earlier this year when the bank sent him a letter that said a system glitch that he says caused him to lose his home of four years.

Aguilar is one of an estimated 545 customers who lost their homes when the bank incorrectly denied 870 loan modification requests due to calculation errors.


With the foreclosure weighing on his credit score, Aguilar, who works at a manufacturing plant near Syracuse, found it hard to rent a new place and ended up moving into a friend's basement.


Aguilar said the bank sent him a check for $25,000 earlier this year in an effort to rectify the mistake, but it was far too late -- he'd already lost his home and his family had been torn apart.

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