... In documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission in anticipation of a public offering, WeWork announced that the company had lease agreements with four buildings in which Neumann had an ownership interest. Since 2016, WeWork has paid nearly $17 million to Neumann-owned buildings. Dick Costolo, the former CEO of Twitter, called this level of self-dealing "egregious."

Within the company, there were other signs that Neumann's "spirit of we" rhetoric was a cover for "lucre for me" behavior. In 2015, Neumann made tens of millions of dollars selling shares during an investment round. Soon after, the company offered to buy back ordinary employees' shares, but it offered a much lower "payout per share" than what Neumann had received. Many of Neumann's kibbutzniks didn't even know they had been shafted. "Neumann's sale wasn't publicized within the company," according to Wall Street Journal reports.


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