All together, Upwork says, between 6.9% and 11.5% of households are planning a move because of the growing availability of remote work. To give those numbers context, a "normal" percentage of households moving in any given year is closer to 3.6%, which was the number of households moving to a different county or state from 2018 to 2019, according to Census Bureau data.


It isn't clear, however, that the underlying assumption of the permanence of remote work is correct. As of mid-October, only 33% of workers say they "always" work remotely, down from 51% in April, according to Gallup. Also, some employers (and employees) have never liked the idea of working remotely all of the time, and they will probably resist it.

"I believe that people don't really like working from home, and I think it's not productive," Related Cos. CEO Jeff Blau told Bisnow. "There's lots of distractions at home and bad WiFi and kids to take care of and dogs that bark ... As we look past this year, I think that people will return back to the office in droves."

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