Miami Realtor Lucas Lechuga's popular blog on Miami's tumultuous condo market helped him land a position as an associate at one of south Florida's most prestigious real estate brokerages.

Five weeks later, Lechuga's new broker severed its ties with him, after he and the firm were hit with a $25 million defamation lawsuit by one of the city's most prominent developers over a blog post he wrote before landing his new job.


According to Hollo, it was an earlier, Nov. 25 blog post about Opera Tower that raised his ire. Lechuga, who had heard that Hollo had gone through a rough spot years ago, wrote: "This developer went bankrupt in the 1980s and I think we'll see a repeat performance within the next 6 months."

Since when did it become ok to sue first and just skip over demanding a correction? Around here we have a sneaking suspicion (wonder why) that this strategy is chosen especially against bloggers because it is perceived they are easy to "shut down".

Fight on, Lucas!

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