"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said today that Democrats in Congress will not grant President Bush "a blank check" $700 billion financial bailout bill without debate over amendments to "protect taxpayers." "


Aristotle at 18:34 2008-09-23 said:
Harry Reid is a Corporate Democrat, which means he only "does the right thing" half the time. He voted for the Bankruptcy Code revisions and the Patriot Act and its renewal. You get the picture.

The quote from Majority Leader Reid in the story above reminds me of an old politicians' trick taught to me by a friend who had served on one of the most corrupt city councils in California. She told me that the skilled politicians will make a lot of noise about something they know the voters won't like, but after all the pontificating and press releasing is over, the skilled politician will vote the unpopular way anyway.

So I don't hold up much hope for Reid, Pelosi, Frank or Schumer doing the right thing and putting a straight jacket on this bailout. Permalink

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