Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

"We now have between House and Senate Democrats an agreement on what we think should be in the bill, and we have a meeting scheduled at 10 a.m. tomorrow to meet with the Republicans," said Frank, chairman of the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee.

Well, I guess the dollar had a nice run, right?


mortgagemess at 09:42 2008-09-25 said:
And I guess We the People have nothing to say about this!....Well..I hope someone creates a website that LIST EVERY ELECTED OFFICIAL WHO VOTES YES..so we can vote NO WHEN IT COMES TO RE-ELECTION! Permalink
MatCha at 10:13 2008-09-25 said:
I live in a "university type town", 80% white collar highly educated folks. As I was picking my kids up yesterday at school, I tried to talk to 4-5 people about this. The response I got was "I stopped watching TV because its too depressing". This has been the uniform response from a bunch of PhDs, over the last ~6 months. Total head in the sand. Total abdication of their duty. Man, we are gonna get the government we deserve good and hard. And, based on my experience, we are no where near panic yet! Not even close! Permalink
bdc63 at 11:44 2008-09-25 said:
Where's Chris Cox? Isn't time to outlaw shorting of the US dolllar?

Someone must be blamed for this. Time to investigate anyone that has been buying Yen. Permalink

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