"More TARP anger and confusion is surfacing every day. The blow back with respect to it looking nothing like what originally was sold to American tax payers is getting heavy. Even the name TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) makes no sense any longer, unless the banks themselves are the troubled assets to which the acronym refers."


tvsterling at 07:56 2008-11-02 said:
The corollary of 'Too Big to Fail' is 'Too Little to Count'. That would be the US Taxpayer. To ascribe public spirit or any higher values to these big financial types is ludicrous. They are true whores & nothing, not even diamond, is as hard as a whore's heart. Mr mortgage & Sen Dodd are right. The payback for this will be massive. Class warfare. Even the true believers & the head in the sand crowd will be drawn in by the vortex. Permalink

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