"I am a law-abiding American merely trying to purchase a home," Griffin wrote in mid-July in a letter to American Homebuyers, a nonprofit that helps low- to moderate-income families buy homes. "An illegal family fraudulently obtained a mortgage using a 1 yr old SSN, and appear to have all the rights in this situation—How can this be when they shouldn't even be in America?"

Quite a sordid tale.


Dinochick at 10:09 2008-11-17 said:
Fraud... is Fraud...is Fraud. Using his daughters social security number was very very bad... It was his "anchor" child. He is illegal period. He is not a citizen and therefore does not have full rights..

I agree with the "citizen" as she pursued the contract in good faith, however, some of her methods were a bit vindictive.

She had the right to contact the immigration department, as he was not complying with the contract due to a situation connected with his illegal status. The original RE Agent and loan officer should also be liable, as well as the lender who approved the loan. All agencies connected with these parties as well could be notified. That is what they are for.

I am sure there are many other situations like this, and it won't be the last. Permalink

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