"That’s right - a solution to the foreclosure problem that would save banks from certain ruin, keep homeowners in their homes instead of out on the streets and onto Public Assistance, put a bottom on the housing price crash while allowing for high-cost areas to come into par with median income levels, and save the taxpayer trillions of dollars in debt that is to be piled on to the trillions of dollars in debt we already own."


MortgageDrummer at 12:02 2008-11-20 said:

The way we fix this is to go State by State. . Each state look at the foreclosures and address each lender (the one who sent the doc's out) not the servicer . . and gather up all the foreclosures for each lender and call them or file suit stating "Until you fix the foreclosures in our state do not call here or lend here or even attempt to do a loan in our state until you fix the foreclosures you already have here. I believe the state of Washington told CWHL to stay out until you fix the problem you created. . Wait and see how fast they fix it!! :evil: Permalink

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