" Homeowners at risk for foreclosure may receive a belated TARP gift Wednesday afternoon: a partially-subsidized mortgage payment, with best wishes, from Uncle Sam. The homeowner relief plan — or foreclosure prevention plan — is scheduled to be released by President Barack Obama in detail Wednesday after months of public criticism that the Treasury Department’s Troubled Asset Relief Program had strayed too far from its original goal and had forgotten the everyday homeowners in need of aid."


mortgagemess at 19:33 2009-02-17 said:
Well..before mortgage holders go out and celebrate..lets first check and see how much of a balance you owe..I am sure if you are one of the McMansion homeowners don't stop packing..I would not expect a bailout of your McMillion dollar digs.. Permalink
Jess Badlybent at 23:08 2009-02-17 said:
Thank's for the voice of optimism mortgagemess. Do you resent everybody who is struggling to keep their home or just mankind in general? I suppose you would rather go back to spending tax dollars on Wall Street CEO's bonuses and golden parachutes than helping hardworking (or recently out-of-work) American's on Main Street keep their homes. Is everyone who has a little more than you a target of your frustration? When you bought your home did you find the smallest, crappiest home in the neighborhood to make sure nobody accused you of living in a "McMansion"? What is your problem? Permalink

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