News release from the Law Offices of Benjamin L. Meeker:

According to the complaint filed in San Diego County Superior Court on February 13, 2009, You Walk Away peddles foreclosure consulting “services” and “protection kits” through which it entices desperate homeowners into paying an upfront fee of $995 for an essentially worthless service.

“We believe that You Walk Away’s conduct falls within that described by the California Attorney General’s Office as the `Foreclosure For a Fee Scam’” says attorney Benjamin Meeker. As described by the California Attorney General’s Office, foreclosure consultants who perpetrate this scam advertise to homeowners that they can provide “advice” on staying in their home until they are evicted.

Click the article link below to read the rest of the release and the lawsuit.


SDLO at 17:23 2009-03-02 said:
Amazing. Purchased 06 for 1,100,000 with zero down, cash out refi for 1.25 one year later...and they are filing lawsuit over $995.

What about the bank that will lose 400K? Owners should be careful! Permalink

Cali~girl at 18:31 2009-03-02 said:
OMGeeez help us all...what starts in California rolls around the country like sewage down toiets! Permalink

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