" "Manufacturing continues to decline at a rapid rate in February. While production has slowed its rate of decline, employment continues to fall precipitously. Prices continue to decline, but price advantages are not sufficient to overcome manufacturers' apparent loss of demand. Survey respondents appear generally pessimistic about recovery in 2009." ..."


tvsterling at 08:49 2009-03-03 said:
Actually I think we got Bush all wrong. He was in with the Russians & Chinese all along to force America into Socialism or even Communism. He was such big buddies with Putin remember? Great minds think alike. The Social Security thing, huh, looked like a real fascist ripoff but only on the surface. The real goal was to get the downtrodden workers to rise up; brilliant reverse psychology. Look at our relationship with China. Everybody's job shipped off to China along with all our money. He was really the worker's friend all along. Tough love to get America to embrace the hammer & sickle by destroying the old order. He should really be awarded the Order of the Red Star. Permalink

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