"If you read the headlines the last few days you would think that the housing market has turned. Mostly they read something like “Home Sales Rise 0.3%,” and of course the reflexive bulls started talking about green shoots and a bottom in housing. And while someday we will actually have a bottom in housing, it will not be this month. It has been awhile since we have looked at the housing market, and it is time to review."


dcd at 11:52 2009-05-31 said:
A couple of notes:

1) I've read where 90% of all medical costs incurred in a person's lifetime, occur during the final year of life.

What the US should do is socialize preventive maintenance and allow people to purchase catastrophic insurance. (Ewww, di I just write "socialize"? There's got to be a better word.)

Somehow I think the pharmaceuticals will be against that concept. They depend on disease.

2) The amazing thing about lenders/servicers is their willingness/determination to continue whistling past the graveyard without knowing the exact extent of their potential problem. They simply assume that people making their payments must be ok - which couldn't be further from the truth.

If they took a proactive approach starting with CA, AZ, NV, and FLA it would go a long way in determining a proper strategy to mitigate their risk of losses. Permalink

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