" "Clearly Treasury Department officials felt strongly that the $152 billion 'investment' in AIG would not be recovered by the taxpayers. And it appears someone at Treasury did not want the risky nature of the deal to be relayed to the American people," said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. "These documents show that some government officials recognize their responsibility to measure the effectiveness of their TARP investments. Yet the American people are misinformed and remain in the dark about how their money is being spent." "


catherine at 18:34 2009-08-14 said:
the American people can't "handle the truth". They are just going to rename AIG as "Insurance of America" and its sister "Bank of America" and their brother Cars of America" will just be fine. :roll:

There will be 150 banks fail and while the nation is worrying about that, the next AIG deal with be made, heck it might even be worked into the FDIC bailout bill, you know to save on paper, whatcha think? Permalink

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