"What Rachel thinks we should “get over” is that Goldman Sachs is apparently setting aside $16.7 BILLION for bonuses so far this year, which is about $530,000 per employee, according to Beck’s story. If Goldman was the kind of place where things were divided up evenly, I might care about how much per employee $16.7 BILLION equated to, but since they are most definitely not, I really don’t care. The number again is $16.7 BILLION, and that’s so far this year."


JESCO at 11:03 2009-10-17 said:

Are they hiring?????............I have 30 years experience valuing real estate. mainly high end properties.........

JESCO :D Permalink

tvsterling at 15:20 2009-10-17 said:
I think Goldman Sachs got a good return here on human capital. Paulson got little Timmy under his wing & raised him up right. Count on him to be a good boy and not mess with momma. Permalink

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