``For the last year and one-half, there have been projections regarding the coming implosion of Option ARM loans. So far, it has yet to materialize on the scale that was projected. What happened to the implosion? When can it be expected? This article will explain how Option ARMs really work, what the risks are, and what this all implies for the foreclosure market.''


mtgbiz at 02:58 2009-10-27 said:
The only brokers that offered this are the ones in HELL right now for being so greedy. The lenders that offered this loan shame on you. Chase (not a big fan but...) they never offered this loan. I don't understand why they say brokers would never give the client a better rate instead of getting a 4 pt ysp. ?? That's liking a kid if they want candy instead of vegetables with their dinner?? Why are people so naive and why didn't the banks stop all this when they had the chance.????????? Permalink
Georgetown at 13:27 2009-10-27 said:
First, the brokers were not kids - adults are responsible for their actions.

Second, while the funding banks are indeed responsible for the programs they created, this does not alleviate the personal responsibility of those who willingly and knowingly participated in order to gain financial advantage.

'Why didn't someone else stop me' is not a defense. Permalink

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